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If you’re a Mompreneur, Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You’ve been fighting an uphill battle to build your business with little to no support from your spouse.
  • You feel you’re at the “end of your rope”; that your marriage or business is going to come to an end if things don’t change
  • You have massive “mommy guilt” for being in business
  • You’re frustrated with how life is going, and some days you’re so confused you don’t know what you “should” be doing anymore
  • You know you have it in you to be successful in your business and home, if only you had more support
  • You’re “self-sabotaging”; you have behaviors that you know are detrimental to not only your overall well-being, but that of your family and you have no idea how to change those behaviors


Just imagine if you could….

  • Heal your broken relationships without the other person doing a thing (keep reading! It is possible!)
  • Gain a level of clarity in your life that you never even knew existed
  • Understand “The Why” behind not only your behaviors, but those of your children and spouse. Just think of how that alone would change your life!
  • Turn your limitations into strengths


My Coaching is for women who are ready to transform their relationships; who are willing to give it

“one more

shot” at running a successful business and home.


 In this program, I will be teaching you “The Color Code”


The Color Code was created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, and is based on behavioral science that reveals that everyone has an Inner Motive, the force behind our behaviors. It isn’t something we think about at a conscious level. In fact, it is something we are born with. If you have multiple children I’m sure you can attest to the fact each one was different right from the start. Some come into the world ready to take charge, some are our little peace makers content to play quietly all day, and some are all about fun with endless energy. The behaviors that come naturally to us come from one of four inner motives:





We are also molded by experiences in our life, by our upbringing and the culture that surrounds us. However, when we can peel back those layers and get to the root of who you are at the core, that is where real change can take place. Each Driving Core Motive is represented by a color, and through this program, you’ll learn what “color” you are.


 By the end of this 30 day coaching program, you will:


  • Learn the WHY behind your behaviors by discovering your Driving Core Motive
  • Know the strengths and limitations that will come naturally to you because of your Driving Core Motive. Once you know these, I’ll walk you through changing those limitations into strengths by actually changing the “pathways” your repeated behavior patterns have created in your brain.
  • Understand the Driving Core Motive of your spouse and children, so you know how to better relate to them. This is NOT about changing anyone else (though once your spouse sees the change in you I’m sure he’ll be intrigued!) This is about knowing how to better interact with your loved ones based on knowing your strengths and limitations and how they affect them, and vice versa


I know this works, because it changed my life. I’ve been in your position; running my business was an uphill battle. I felt like I had no support! I was trying to “do it all” and felt all alone. The divide between my husband and I was growing exponentially; and bitterness had set in. If only he would listen/understand/support me, THEN things would be different. I didn’t think I could take it one more day!


That is when I learned about The Color Code.


You know how you can look back and see pivotal moments in your life? Moments where you had to make a choice that would forever alter your destiny? This was one for me. When I learned The Color Code, something inside me “clicked”. I finally understood why I struggled with being organized and focused, why I would dwell on past hurts instead of just “moving on”, why when my husband spoke to me a certain way I was hurt when no harm was intended; the list goes on and on.


There is a reason Aristotle said, “Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom”


When you know yourself, your inner motive, why you behave/think/feel the way you do, then you hold the power to change your life. When we rely on others to make changes, we are in a losing position. You are in a powerless position.




-If you’re ready to go from a position of powerless to powerful, you are the woman this program is designed for.

-If you’re ready to stop letting life happen to you, and you’re ready to take control this program is designed for you.

-If you’re ready for your relationships with your spouse and children to flourish, allowing you the emotional capacity to run your business with no guilt attached, this program is  most definitely for you!


What You Get with This Program


  • You’ll begin the program with access to a membership site with all of your color code training. There are 6 modules that you’ll go through the first week of the program.
  • Next, you’ll take a comprehensive online analysis to identify what color you are (what your driving core motive is). Your results will include a 14+ page report with customized content that describes your individual personality style in depth, including a list of your strengths and limitations. Plus multiple videos and bonus resources to better understand your color
  • You’ll receive weekly assignments that will enable you to turn your innate limitations into strengths. This is where the real change happens! You will literally be re-creating pathways in your brain to change your the default behaviors you’ve developed over the years
  • 12, 45 minute one on one coaching calls where we’ll dig deep to find the thought processes that are causing your problems
  • E-mail support from me during the program. I realize you’ll be making some difficult changes and may have questions between calls that you would like answered



And let’s face it, what’s a coaching program without some fabulous bonuses?!

You’ll Receive In the Mail:

A Workbook  and Color Code Cards to keep on hand for quick review


You’ll Also Receive: 

Two pre-recorded bonus trainings at the end of the 6 week program:

  • Parenting with the Color Code- Identifying and understanding your children’s Inner Motive.


  • Quick Coding- How to quickly figure out the color of people you’ll interact with in every day life. This is especially helpful for relating to your clients on a deeper level! They’ll be nothing short of amazed at how well you relate to them and “speak their language”




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 I’m sure you feel like you’ve tried it all, and don’t know what else you could possibly do to improve your relationships.

Even if you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, that you just can’t continue another day, there is hope!

You owe it to your family, to your children, to give this your all. 

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