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Are You Limiting Your Success?

There I was, sitting at the computer once again wondering….

“What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I thinking?”

You see, over a year ago I felt a tug, a desire within me to help other moms. Not just any moms, but moms in business.

It took a year, an entire year for me to work up the courage to actually take the steps needed to start this new business venture. I was able to quiet the fire burning inside for that long, but my chest felt like it was about to burst if I didn’t start acting on what I knew I needed to do! So when I finally made the decision to actively pursue this business, there came the Voice.

The Voice of doubt, the Voice of criticism within me, the breath that was trying to extinguish my fire.

Telling me things like,

“Who do you think you are? How can you help other moms when you still struggle yourself?”

“No one cares what you have to say”

“You’re going to fail”

“They’re all going to laugh at you!” (Had to throw that in….Adam Sandler, anyone?)

Do you experience that Voice? I think we all do, and it’s taunting us with our doubts, our fears of failing, of the unknown. I wonder, how many have listened to that voice and allowed it to extinguish the flames that were burning in their souls?

What if we told that Voice to shut up? What if we don’t allow the Voice to control our lives?

I think anything could be possible then. Which is why, as I sat at the computer creating an outline for my book, designing the programs I will use to teach other moms how to be successful at home and in their business, and as I published my first blog post, I told the Voice to back off. That Voice is our pride, and as ancient wisdom has taught us, Pride always comes before the fall. So don’t allow your pride to hold you back. Who cares if you fail? Who cares if no one’s listening?

We must let go of our pride, we must make ourselves vulnerable if we ever want to succeed. When we fully realize we are the only ones holding ourselves back, anything is possible! -Tweet this!

So go on you rockstar, don’t hold back. Let go of your pride and succeed! And remember, when the Voice returns (because it will, time and time again) boldly tell it right where it can go.

Letting go of pride