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One Belief That Could Be Holding You Back ( and What To Do About It )

As mothers in business, we share unique struggles that others just can’t relate to.

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to find… balance. Because of course, we read everywhere that life is about “balance”.

Here’s the thing- I don’t really believe in balance. As soon as you think you find balance, something will come along to destroy it. Promise.


Really, life is more about deciding what we are willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill our desires, our needs, our obligations.


There is an opportunity cost to everything.

If you choose to be in business, there is an opportunity cost to that. For me, when I was a wedding photographer, that cost was my weekends with family. However, at that time, that was a cost I was willing to pay in order to fulfill my need to express my creative and over-achieving self. To not do that would have driven me nuts, therefore making me useless to my family.

Coming to the realization that balance is a myth will take a ton of pressure off of you, as you’ll no longer be striving for the impossible. Rather, you can do some serious soul-searching and make intelligent decisions on what you’re willing to let go of, in order to pursue what you know to be most important in your life right now.

When I decided to end my wedding photography career, there was also a huge opportunity cost to that. I agonized and dreaded making that decision. But I needed to listen to the small voice in my heart, telling me it was time for me to take back my weekends and create beautiful memories with my family.

When making decisions in life ask yourself,


“Is what I’m going to gain worth the cost?”


Here are some specific work vs. family related questions you can begin to think about:

 How many hours per week am I willing to/do I need to take away from my family and invest in my business?

How will the time I spend in business best be spent?

Example- for me that would have been determining how many weddings/portrait sessions per month I was willing to take, how many networking events I would go to, etc…


I am specifically addressing issues of business vs. home here, but this applies to everything in life. I also homeschool, which is life altering to say the least. It’s a sacrifice in many ways, but I would have it no other way. I’ve determined I’m willing to “give up” my days in order to provide a quality home education for my children. Not everyone sees the value in that, and that’s ok!


Of course, if you have a spouse, this is extra important as your decisions affect them as well. It is important for them to see that you are making intelligent decisions regarding your business if you want them to take you seriously and support you.


Are you letting the belief of balance hold you back? Leave a comment below then I’d love if you’d share with a friend! Use this graphic below for easy sharing on Pinterest:)