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This is a place for moms to hang out and get practical advice on  business, home, and relationships.

  Hi! I’m Shannon.

  Homeschooling Mom, Wife, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.

  Lover of lattes, chocolate, sun and sand, a good book, cuddles with my kids, and learning

  On this journey that we call life, I’ve learned much. I’ve completely failed and I’ve been victorious, but only through the good grace of God.

  I’ve owned several business’s, from direct marketing to a successful photography business. I’ve failed at some of those, too. And I did really well once I learned the tools that led me to success.

  I want to share those lessons with you- from keeping it together when you want to fall apart and can’t get out of your pj’s all day,

  to finding the perfect client that will make your heart and your business sing!

  I want to guide you through difficult times with your kids (we have a son we call the “one man gang”!),

  lead you to success in your business, and keep your family together through it all.

  So welcome, and thanks for joining me! I wish you much success and happiness!